Our classrooms provide a warm, nurturing environment where each child’s emotional, social and sensory development is encouraged in a holistic manner.

To assist with ensuring that each child feels happy and secure within the preschool setting we have a system in place to help children settle in; to ensure continuity of care and to facilitate the partnership with parents and caregivers. The lead teacher will be principally responsible for the care of your child but other qualified members of staff may also be assigned to the room and will be involved in the day to day care of your child.

Each child has a portfolio which your child’s teacher will complete with up to date notes, assessment tools, and progress which will be presented to you during parent teacher conference held in spring and fall.

The children at The Renaissance Preschool are given opportunities daily to develop their senses through both structured and free play. The preschool staff work hard to promote awareness of the local community by inviting guests from the police, fire department, and the local library into the preschool to talk to the children. 

Children are provided with vast amounts of expressive activities to promote creativity and self expression. This is done through dramatic and block play, art activities, music and movement,  fine and gross motor games, and story time.

The preschool has a strong commitment to ensuring we have a strong parent partnership within the staff. Parents are regularly asked for their opinions through annual reviews or comments which can be dropped in the comment box located at the entrance of the building. The director collates the information and gives regular formalised feedback. This allows the preschool to ensure we are meeting everyone’s needs to the best of our ability.