We strive to get your child excited about learning
We strive to make every day fun and exciting for your child..
We follow strict Safety Protocols to ensure your child is safe!

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The Renaissance Preschool Inc. is a Child Care Facility in Sarasota FL. It has a maximum capacity of 73 children. When it comes to child care, you want what's best for your little ones. The Renaissance Preschool is a clean, spacious, and comfortable preschool that offers personalized care and attention to all the children under our supervision. You can rest easy knowing that your children are in the care of only the most competent and compassionate caregivers in the area.

Selecting the right preschool is among the first of many educational decisions you must make for your child, and it is among the most important. The decision that you make now will reflect on your child's learning abilities in later years.

At The Renaissance Preschool, we believe it is vital that parent, child and preschool carefully work together toward a single goal. That goal is to assist your child by leading him/her to discover his/her greatest potential physically, socially, intellectually and emotionally.

The world can be a mysterious place to a child. But he/she should know that it can be exciting and rewarding. Your child will discover that learning is fun and our staff are warm and friendly.

We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions that would allow us to assist you further, please do not hesitate to call us.


Tara Bolesta